Learning Music: A Child's Dream

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Playing music is a wonderful and highly effective way to build a child's self-discipline and self-confidence, whilst helping them to develop a skill that will allow them to express themselves in a creative way and socialise with other children. There are many different instruments out there, and sometimes it can be hard to pick one that your child will like. If this is the case then let them try a variety of instruments. Skills and disciplines they learn from one can easily be transposed onto another. 


The clarinet is a woodwind instrument that belongs to the same family as the saxophone. Whilst it is a different instrument entirely, some of the skills needed to play single-reed mouthpieces can be transferred to other instruments. Therefore if your child wants to branch out and experiment with different sounds, they will be able to do so without much frustration. Clarinets cover all price ranges from entry-level brands to professional brands such as the Buffet Clarinet 13. Clearly for your own child, a second-hand entry-level instrument would be perfect; however, buying a new reed is advised for hygienic purposes. 


The idea of a drumkit in the house may not be overly appealing, but with so many cheap electronic kits on the market, you can actually allow your child to play away without disturbing the neighbours. A 5-piece acoustic starter drum kit complete with stool, sticks, hardware and cymbals provides ample opportunites to develop a wide range of different drumming skills. If acoustic drums are your only option, then notifying the neighbours and scheduling limited practice times is usually fine with most people. Failing that, rubber skins and cymbal dampeners can be used for longer practices, and while they aren't as fun to play, they help to build sticking technique and co-ordination. 


The guitar is a beautiful instrument that comes in many different varieties; from electric to classical to acoustic. Using an electric guitar will allow your child to practice with headphones plugged into their amp, with a good budget set usually including guitar, lead, amp, shoulder strap and pick; everything required to play guitar. Acoustics are clearly louder but with the door closed, the sound generally doesn't travel far, especially when a child is playing.

Every child should have the chance to make music. It's fun and expressive and develops far more life skills and health benefits than you might realise. Growing up and playing in band is every child's dream at some point, and allowing them to have a taster of the musician's life will only make that more of a reality.